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SerBridge is a full-service cryptocurrency and blockchain software development and website creation company. We provide innovative solutions for smart contracts, cryptocurrency transactions, web-based wallet solutions, NFT solutions, business tokenization and digital asset ledgers. Our team is made up of experienced software engineers, who have years of professional experience in the blockchain technology industry. We also specialize in creating customized websites tailored to your exact needs so you can expand your crypto brand to the world.


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In addition to our core services, we also create a full marketing and social media team to support our clients’ crypto brand. From social media campaigns to engaging content writing, our team will help build an online presence that reflects your goals and engages with potential customers. We’ll also help you develop detailed SEO strategies to get your content noticed online and attract more leads – ensuring that maximum visibility is achieved. We strive to provide unmatched customer service while helping companies expand their scope into new markets through carefully curated online branding initiatives.

Graphic Design & Branding

Either your business is looking for a new logo or an complete branding remake, we have your back on all sectors of the designing. Our experienced designers and engineers works throughout the whole process hand in hand with the clients to finalize the best possible solutions to meet our clients needs.

Smart Contract Creation

Smart Contract creation with our developers is easy and flexible regardless how complex your dream contract might be. Service Bridge provides quality contracts and has all the latest tools for the development in hands to provide project owners top-notch solutions to run their projects. All contracts are audited and tested before deployment to commercial and production use.

Staking Solutions

Staking is an stabilizing incentivizing solution for DeFi assets to gain trust and holders. Locking up assets in exchange of interest % in annual yield gives more stability to the assets and gives especially long-term holders of your assets more options to increase their portfolios balances and more reasons to stay supporting your project. All staking applications are hosted in our own servers, which saves projects owners time from the complicated setups of the pools.

Web- & Infrastructure Design

Webdesign and fluidly working infrastructure nowadays is one of the key factors for an functional and profitable business. If your business feels like it could use a little boost or an complete re-engineering, we have the solutions to enhance your productivity. Our experienced designers and engineers walks you through the whole process and does most of the job for you. We turn your ideas to functional websites and infrastructures.

Scalable Web Hosting

Packed with the most modern applications and fast servers we can customize our hosting plans to meet your needs.

Premium customer support on the server side with fast response times and technical support in case of an caused malfunction


E-Commerce idea in the horizon? Got it. We have integrations and ready-to-deploy solutions for the most popular platforms. Kickstarting your online store journey in an 48 hour timeframe with fully functional payment processing and with all required tools to manage your store and start making profits since the day one of opening.

Flexible Pricing

Graphic Design & Branding

Unlimited Storage, Priority chat, Smart Sync and lots of other features. Great for small businesses

Social Media Management

We have weekly to yearly packages for management of social media accounts. Which includes wordsmith, content graphical creation.

Smart Contract Creation

Customized and audited smart contracts. Pricing depending on the complexity of the contracts. Send us and inquiry to get and price quote.

Platform Development

Customized App and dApp Platform built to your specifications. Fully built platforms that include databases and interaction with user accounts are achievable with our platform development service.

Staking Solutions

Hosted staking applications customized for your assets.

Web- & Infrastructure Design

From ground up website designs to larger scale infrastructures. Flexible pricing depending on your needs.

KYC & Audit

Contract Audit with certificate & KYC Badge Services.

Web Hosting

Fully customized hosting plans with modern applications and editors to manage your already deployed websites and park your domains.

Defining goals for traffic, conversions, and returns for your business.

There are numerous of ways to boost your business with design, new utility and new applications that we can help out. With the help of our coders and designers our clients are able to fulfill their needs to push their businesses to the next level and get an better position in the markets.

Secure & Reliable Partner

100% Satisfaction quarantee on the work we provide. We work hand in hand with the client to evolve the project to meet the clients needs.

Quick Responses and Fluid Workflow

We respond to Inquiries within the next 24 hours of arrival.

We’ll make sure to only send intersting info, no crappy content or marketing fluff. Just the good stuff, promise!

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